Custom app development

We can help you with a range of software development needs for your apps, from working with your team at your site, to off-site development. We can help you at the very start, working with you to define requirements for an app, or take a role in maintenance of your existing apps.

We are not graphic designers, but we love graphic designers, and are very happy to work with yours, or to work with you to find a suitable graphic designer.

Software development processes

We are big fans of usability testing. By sitting real users down in front of software, and video recording them performing tasks with soon-to-be-production software, we have learned a great deal. It is a cheap way to quickly learn what is hard and/or easy for people about software.
We are also big fans of testing. While exhaustive testing is typically practically impossible, due to the complexity of the software, and the immensity of the range of possible inputs and internal conditions, realistic systematic testing is very useful and possible. We advise creation of a comprehensive testing matrix, spanning normal, error and edge cases. Testing should then consist of complete regression tests (i.e., a comprehensive execution of all tests in the testing matrix) scheduled at regular intervals or for major version releases and reduced scope testing for minor version releases.

Programming languages

Objective-C, Swift, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Systems and hardware

iOS 5, 6, 7, 8, 9; iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad; Mac OS X; Unix and Linux.

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