Spastic Muffin, LLC was founded in Louisville, CO in 2013 and is owned by Dr. Christopher G. Prince.

Goals and values

Spastic Muffin does contract development of iOS iPhone and iPad apps.

We also create our own, inspired apps. These are apps that we use every day. Our first app, WhatDidILike, keeps track of the food that you like at restaurants (and other place-related preferences). We appreciate good food, but often can’t recall what we liked at particular restaurants. Petunia, our pet medical history app, is important to us because we are animal lovers. The company owner and his wife have cats, and we use Petunia to keep track of our cats’ health and share their information with our pet sitters. We created Catsy, our cat toy app because we wanted a new game for Orion, one of our cats (a.k.a., Spastic Muffin).

Other company values and goals:

  • Responding to each and every customer and app user inquiry we receive, and incorporating customer feedback into our products and procedures.
  • Growing our company but making sure to take care of our customers and app users.
  • Slow software user interface changes. We want to make it easy for app users to use our next software version. Big user interface changes from version to version can make it difficult for app users.
  • Doing our best to let app users access their data in the long-term. We understand the frustration of losing data or not being able to access data if you change software.
  • Excellence in quality: To keep us motivated and striving. It is our belief that people who build excellent products and provide excellent customer experiences are better engaged and keep striving for excellence.
  • Giving back to the community: Many people are helping us on the way, and have helped us. We want to give back.


Christopher G. Prince, Ph.D. in computer science, developer, owner, chef de projet, and chief bottle washer.

Dr. Prince is a former University of Minnesota Duluth computer science professor. Chris received his BS in computer science from the University of Victoria, BC, Canada, his MA in psychology from the University of Hawaii, Manoa, and an MS and Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Louisiana Lafayette. Unofficially, this Ph.D. was in cognitive science, and was split between psychology and computer science. Chris studied dolphins in Hawaii and chimpanzees and rats in Louisiana. Chris was born in Prince Rupert, BC, Canada, and completed high school in Sooke, BC, Canada. He became a Canadian-American citizen in 2012.

Natasha B. Vizcarra, graphic design and user experience consultant, and cat mom
Rich Nortnik, business advisor
Orion, cat extraordinaire, a.k.a., Spastic Muffin (business namesake)

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