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  • This software includes DCRoundSwitch written by Patrick Richards and distributed under the MIT License.


  • Thanks to Bushrod Thomas for extensive beta testing reviews, and for part of the inspiration for the name for this app.
  • Thanks to Cody Sizemore for beta testing reviews, and for running the release test suite and finding lots of bugs!
  • Thanks to Natasha Vizcarra for designing the app icon, and for support throughout.
  • Thanks to Marc Silverman for his feedback.
  • Thanks too to the people at, a very useful source of information about iPhone programming.


  • No information about the users of this app is distributed in any form or manner.

Change History


    Updates in version v1.2 of the app:

  1. When you attempt to navigate away from a screen when there are changes, the app will ask you if you want to save the changes.
  2. You can now sort place names by distance from your current location or from an address.
  3. When places are sorted by distance, the place list now shows the number of miles away from your location or away from the address.
  4. User interface layout changes
  5. Places now have considerably more information: GPS coordinates and addresses that map to GPS coordinates; general text descriptions; smiley ratings; lists (e.g., subcategories); pictures.
  6. Item names can now be sorted by modification date or by name.
  7. Filter tab bar icon now has badge with “On” when the filter is turned on.
  8. Filtering now includes lists.
  9. On screens that display a list of information (e.g., a list of places) the title bar can be used to scroll to the top or bottom of the list. Tap to left on the title bar, scroll to top; tap to right on the title bar, scroll to bottom.
  10. There is now no more reverse date sorting; use tapping on the title bar instead.
  11. Help screen now links to facebook and twitter pages for app and recent changes to app.
  12. Category list is in sorted order now.
  13. Filter button for clearing the category filter is changed to a small grey x button. Plus, this clear button is in three other places.
  14. Improved error handling code for place, item and comment removal.
  15. Place & item names now have to be unique independent of upper/lower case; For any place names or item names that only differ by upper/lower case, the app will rename your place names by appending qualifying numbers (e.g., for Test and test, it will append 2 to test giving “test 2”) the first time it launches with verison 1.2.

Version 1.1 is available on the Apple App Store.

Version 1.0 is available on Apple App Store. However, there is a bug. The app was built for iOS 5, but some features don't work when you actually run it on iOS 6 or higher. E.g., you can't send a text message of a comment. This has been corrected in version 1.1, which has been submitted to the Apple App Store.

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