Software Updates


    Updates in version v1.4 of the app:

  1. In-memoriam section: For your pets that have passed away, you can move that pet’s info to Petunia’s new in-memoriam section. When you do this, a new section is added to the Menu beneath Settings (analogous to the “My Pets” page), and each pet that you have moved to In-Memoriam is listed there. Thanks to Bushrod for this suggestion.
  2. On the Pet Profile page, the a) Edit, b) Delete, and c) In-Memoriam actions are now accessed from the upper right “Action” button (to the immediate left of the Home button). There is no longer a “Delete” button at the bottom of the Pet Profile page. Press the Action button to get access to these actions, including Delete.
  3. Removed the “Delete”/"trash icon" button on the Pets Home page. This functionality was not understood by many users, it was a little complicated, and can be carried out by the “Action” button on the Pet Profile page for the pet. (Because the In-Memoriam action was added, also adding this action to the Pets Home page would have been too complicated).
  4. Now allowing up to 13 menu items on the main Menu before scrolling is necessary within the menu (up from 9). This way, you can see up to 8 of your pets in the menu without having to scroll within the menu. Thanks to Louise for this suggestion.
  5. Added reminder to users to renew in-app purchase subscriptions when a subscription is about to expire.
  6. Now supporting iOS 7 through 9: Dropped support for iOS6. This was due to the practical difficulty of doing testing back to iOS6.
  7. Fixed bug with menu that came up with iOS9: Menu would not close completely.
  8. Fixed server issue that caused errors with certain characters in usernames and email addresses.
  9. Started integration with Swift, Apple's new programming language.
  10. Maintenance changes — shifting code to common library code. E.g., shifting SMUserFeedbackView/Model to common library.
  11. As usual, other bugs have been fixed too!

Fixed a server issue: Since we updated the website on 9/2/15, the Petunia server had gone out of commission due to an Apache rewrite rule issue. This has now been fixed.


    Updates in version v1.3 of the app:

  1. App rotation: Extensive set of changes enabling app to rotate into landscape mode. In landscape mode, the keyboard is larger (when it appears), and should make data entry easier.
  2. Added edit buttons on pet profile page so you can go directly to particular sections. Tapping on the profile section or the edit button takes you directly to editing that particular section of the pet profile.
  3. Added help info onto pet profile page to explain the purpose of the pet profile sections.
  4. Changed text used when adding an event to the calendar for a vet visit or home event. Now includes "Vet Visit"/"Home Event" label, and emphasizes pet name. E.g., for a Blood work vet visit, it used to read:
       Blood work (Fido)
    and now it reads:
       Fido, Vet Visit (Blood work).
    For a home event, e.g., where you gave your pet a medication it used to read:
       Give medication (Fido)
    and now it reads:
       Fido, Home Event (Give medication).
  5. Email subject line in sharing now includes the names of the pets for which info is being shared.
  6. In the Pet Care tab, now giving more detail for the descriptions of medications, vaccinations etc. e.g., Instead of just saying “medication, diet” it will give some specifics for the items, e..g, Potassium gluconate, K/D, Hills Prescription Diet, Canned. And the description part of a cell can now be variable width, depending on the number of images in the cell.
  7. When you add a vaccination, medication, diet, or test result it takes its date from the date of the vet visit or home event in which it is created. This works better in the context of a vet visit you have scheduled, or a home event you have created, and are entering data after/before the fact. It also works better if you are entering in historical data.
  8. Mailing list: Users are now asked if they want to be on mailing list when they give an email address when creating an account. (Previously, to be added to the mailing list, you had to visit the page).
  9. Added a new prompt for reviews/feedback. This is a passive prompt which should be less interruptive to the user. We're no longer using Appirater directly.
  10. Fixed iOS7 bug where the keyboard could not be dismissed using the "Close" or the "Save" buttons when the keyboard was displayed after tapping on one of the data entry fields in one of the Data Entry modal views. E.g., when editing a Vet Visit or Home Event.
  11. Lots of other bugs have been fixed too!

Updates in version v1.2 of the app: Bug fixes.


    Updates in version v1.1 of the app:

  1. Users now have a Compact PDF option on the Sharing page to reduce the number of pages generated in PDF's. If you make a PDF file with all of the example pet data distributed with the app, the resulting PDF file is 15 pages. With the new Compact PDF formatting, the same information takes up only 5 pages. This makes it handier to send your pet info to a pet sitter, doggy day care or vet. You scroll less to find information, and if you print your PDF output, this uses less paper.
  2. Users can now select the font color for a pet's name on the Pets Home page. This is fun, plus sometimes the automatically selected shade of gray doesn't contrast well with the pet's image.
  3. Users can now reset their password from the GetPetunia support web page, or from Settings > App Upgrades > Reset Petunia account password within the app. In order to make use of the password reset feature, you must have given an email address when creating your Petunia account. If you did not give an email address when creating your Petunia account, please contact Petunia customer support.
  4. People now have the option to specify image quality in PDF’s using a new setting in the Settings > Image quality. This alters the size of PDF's: Low image quality makes for smaller PDF's and high image quality makes for larger PDF's. Previously, you could not read the text in some of the images in PDF output when you zoomed in on the images in the preview.
  5. Enhanced user experience when the App Upgrades store controller dialog is first displayed. There is now a reduced delay in getting most info shown to users.
  6. Deferred transactions with "Ask to Buy" is now implemented. Your children can make purchases, that you approve, in Petunia.
  7. Generation of small (icon) images, and caching of those images is now being used to improve the speed of scrolling in the Pet Care tab, and eliminates some memory pressure crashes.
  8. Bouncy menu with user dragging too!
  9. Lots of bugs have been fixed!!

Version 1.0 of the iPad app (the current version) is now using the v1.1 server, online. This is in preparation for release of v1.1 of the iPad app, which was just submitted to the Apple app store. Various bugs have been fixed in v1.1 of the server, plus some features have been added which will be announced when v1.1 of the iPad app is released.

We had a few hours of server down-time due to an expired SSL certificate. The certificate is updated now, and the Petunia Server is back in operation. Thanks for the speedy response to this issue, Hostgator!

Fixed a server issue: Account creation wasn't working after an initial purchase. I thought I'd already fixed that one. Grrr! :).

Fixed a server issue: When a Petunia account was created and then a first purchase made, the purchase wasn't recorded and the user wasn't given access to the purchase. Thanks to the user who came across this issue.

Fixed two server issues: 1) Email addresses were not getting stored into the database when accounts were created. This has been fixed, and accounts created prior to this have been appropriately updated. 2) Passwords were being, inappropriately, logged in plain text into server log files. This has been fixed (plain text passwords are no longer going into server log files), and all passwords placed into log files previously have now been removed from those log files.

Fixed server issue where you couldn't create a Petunia account without also making a purchase.

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