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The About box of the Petunia app (see the Settings page) gives attributions for software and media used in Petunia.


  • Thanks go to CGP's wife, Natasha Vizcarra, for her help and support throughout. She and CGP are the heart behind Petunia.
  • Thanks too to the people at, a very useful source of information about iOS programming.


No information about the users of this app is distributed in any form or manner.

If you supply an email address when creating a Petunia account, we will not spam you. Your email address would only be used in specific customer support situations. Unless you specifically ask, we will not put you on a mailing list.

On the Petunia server, which is used primarily for in-app purchases, we record IP addresses in the case of errors or failures. Recording IP addresses in this case is done so we can track down and fix problems. And so we can deal with fraud or attempts to bypass system security.

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