For Peace of Mind About Your Pets

Keep your pets safe, and their records close when it matters most.

Petunia is a freemium iPad app that saves your pets' health histories and personality quirks in one place and lets you share that information with the people who need it most—your pet sitters, and vets.

Petunia is free to use to save information for any number of pets, and has in-app purchases to remove advertising and to share your pets’ information with others.

Petunia benefits

  • Pet Sitting

    Minimize stress when leaving pets in someone else’s care by sharing pet care details with your pet sitter.

  • Symptom Tracking

    Record when your cat threw up, or when Fido needs his pill. You'll see trends that can keep your pets healthy … and never forget details.

  • Moving and Changing Vets

    Keep your pets' medical records close and share them with new vets any time, even in emergencies.

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Petunia free features

  • Pet Profiles

    Create profiles for all of your pets, with pictures and notes about personalities

  • Record Events

    For all of your pets, record vet visits and home events such as diet changes and symptoms of illness

  • Limited Sharing

    Share information about one pet, using email, within a single page PDF

  • Calendar

    Automatically add important dates, such as vet appointments, tick prevention, and vaccination due dates, into your preferred calendar

  • Summaries

    Graph the weight history of your pets

  • Customization

    Customize the pictures of your animals on the home page

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Petunia premium features

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