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Change History


    Updates in version v1.3 of the app:

  1. Addition of Store and in-app purchases, so you can purchase different graphical backgrounds and characters for your cat to play with. The Store is accessed from the authoring page. To get to the authoring page, use a left to right swipe on the cat page, and then tap on the menu triangle in the upper right.
  2. A new Settings page lets you set the current background and character displayed on the cat page, if you have made purchases. Settings is also available from the authoring page menu.
  3. Changed the layout of the three buttons on the view games page (Animate, Delete, Share) to account for the larger screen of iPhone 6 devices, though this also slightly changes the layout of that page on other devices.
  4. Fixed a bug with iPhone where sometimes when you had the authoring menu open, and you rotated the device, you could not close the authoring menu by tapping on the background.
  5. There is now no delay in initial game animation immediately after the app launches. We did this so that first-time app users are less likely to think that the app has crashed just because of a delay before the initial animation.
  6. The hint that appears on the cat page, to indicate how to get to the authoring page, will now appear twice — the first two times the authoring page is entered. So the user gets two chances to see it.


    Updates in version v1.2 of the app:

  1. Fixed bug: On iPhone, in authoring, the menu wasn’t positioned correctly when you re-entered the authoring page after having (a) displayed another page (e.g., About), (b) rotated from landscape to portrait or vice versa on the other page.
  2. Fixed bug: On iPhone, if displayed, the large authoring page hint would be created again if you entered another page (e.g., About) and then returned.
  3. Fixed bug: On iPhone, you could get both the large authoring hint and the second hint on this page displayed at the same time, which didn’t seem useful.


    Updates in version v1.1 of the app:

  1. Fixed the link in the game sharing email — it was not working before.
  2. Increased sound levels — previously, the sounds that play when the kitty hits the Ugly Duckling character could be too quiet if ambient sounds were relatively loud.
  3. Added new and more prominent hint information on authoring screen to tell users how to create a new game. This hint information disappears after being displayed three times.
  4. Updated to iOS9. App now works with both iOS8 and iOS9.
  5. Fixed iOS9 bug where there would be some “dropouts” of graphics in authoring mode when viewing games.

Version 1.0 is available on the Apple App Store. See the press release.

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