A Customizable and Shareable iPhone and iPad Toy for Your Cats!

Create new games for your cats to play with, and share those games with the pet-parents of other Catsy users.


  • Fun for your cats!
  • Your cat is unique: Make games that are tailored to *your* kitty!
  • Your cat doesn’t feel left out—and has his or her own customized app. 😀
  • Have fun with your friends by sharing games your cats like!


  • Makes animal sounds (birds, cats) when your cat hits the ugly duckling
  • Create as many game instances (paths for your cats to follow) as you want
  • View existing games—see them animate, share them with others, or delete the ones your cat doesn’t like
  • Buy fun new characters and cat page backgrounds with the in-app purchase store
  • Works on iPad and iPhone
  • Rotates into any orientation (e.g., landscape, portrait)
  • See the Help info in the app for instructions on locking the screen so your cat doesn’t send Tweets or Facebook posts!

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Cat graphic created by Iconshock